Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Michelle Goldberg says it best

Starting 25:50 Goldberg outlines my almost exact initial feelings after conversing with Betty Dodson via e-mail that I addressed in the previous post. I was prepared to read something from her much different than I received, and to be honest I felt somewhat assaulted directly after reading. This also shows my growing reaction to sex-positive feminism in general. I expected to hear that it's all about choice. Well, it is all about choice, their choice.

If you choose to not follow in a sex-positive feminist's footsteps then seemingly you cannot be a sex-positive feminist yourself. In other words "The only person that made me feel ashamed of my sexuality was a woman I interviewed in my early twenties, Betty Dodson... I said something to the extent that I wanted a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend and she made that A) just ridiculous and B) fatalistic... I felt if I had said that I kept two men in latex in my basement and brought them out to whip them twice a day that I would have received some celebration from her." (27:18)

I haven't been a follower of Goldberg for the plain and simple reason that I wasn't really familiar with her or her work. However, after watching this I look forward to reading her book and seeing her views articulated more fully. Her perspective seems to really gel with mine and maybe I've finally found a feminism that can encompass my views.