Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Are you a Betty, Joan, or Peggy?

Forgive me. I've been watching way to much Mad Men lately. However, a part of the reason I love this show and find it so intriguing is its female characters. They provide the anchors for a spectrum of women. I'll explain.

Betty is the typical educated WASP suburbian housewife. She has a college degree but stays home with the kids and takes care of running the house. She doesn't have control over any financial aspects of the home and many times seems bored or less than content with this arrangement. The Feminine Mystique is directly aimed at her.

Joan is a working woman and sometimes housewife. She gets married at an older age and wants to have a family but is not sure how to balance everything. She has life experience so a baby and a broom won't keep her satisfied for long. Joan is the kind of person you want around in a crisis, meaning she always seems to have a plan and has the ability to navigate her way through different and difficult situations.

Peggy is a working woman. She's focused on her career and only seems interested in men because she feels that she's supposed to be interested in them. She wants an apartment in Manhattan and her own life. She definitely doesn't have the calm resourcefulness that Joan does and sometimes she needs to be brought back down to reality.

So, am I a Betty, Joan, or Peggy? I'm going to say that I'm between Joan and Peggy. I aspire to be more of a Joan but the plain fact of the matter is that I do need the occasional reality check. I get caught up in my own brain with things that aren't necessarily the case. Once I'm brought back down I'm definitely a Joan though. I could never be a Betty and that's for sure.

Which one of these ladies represent you best?