Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Girl Effect

This article suggests that the girl effect could lift the world's economy. I think we need more than a lift, I think we need a fix. However, I'm not so sure that we're ready for a conversation about an economic system that is inherently characterized by boom and bust. In the mean time, as far as human development and security goes, the girl effect works wonders for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the majority of people, excluding the Taliban, recognize the national potential for the girl effect. Even conservative groups that promote women being in the home and with the kids know that an educated and healthy mother is important. Healthy mothers and kids equal healthy communities.

Secondly, this is an issue that is somewhat a-political. Whatever side of the political spectrum you fall on it is easy to support this cause because it isn't coming out of an opposing ideology. Personally, I think we need more things like this that can draw widespread support and make a difference rather than liberals supporting a, b, and c causes and conservatives generally supporting x,y, and z.

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