Saturday, 5 February 2011

Things I learned from my Aunt Diane

My Aunt Diane is not a regular presence in my life and perhaps that's why I've been able to learn so much from her. She's the wife of my mom's brother. She married a younger man. She bought out the company she worked for and is now a top insurance executive. She lives in LA and works with celebrities. She's a Kelly Cutrone type of woman.

1. Just because you're some hot shot executive and empowered woman out there in the real world making your own (millions) dollars doesn't mean that you are exempt from knowing how to cook, sew, and generally run a household. In other words, being in the kitchen is not feminist or anti-feminist it's simply basic upkeep (same with sewing, cleaning, entertaining, etc.) Many women (and men) pride themselves on not being able to cook or even knowing how to throw together a basic meal. Well you know what? That isn't cool and it sure as hell isn't enlightened, it's nutrient deficient.

2. Round tables are better than rectangular or square ones. For a start, you can converse with everyone much easier. Secondly, you won't have to put up with any of that 'I'm sitting at the head of the table because I'm a man and therefore leader of the house' bullshit that generally accompanies rectangular tables. And thirdly, large round dinner tables are less and less easy to come by. Once I started paying attention this last point has shown especially true, everyone goes for the rectangle!

3. When it comes time to dress yourself quality is better than quantity. Invest in that $150 blazer because you're going to be wearing it for the next 10 years. (She bought me a military green Abercrombie and Fitch fitted light weight jacket, a timeless kind of piece, the summer before I started high school and 6 years later it's an absolute staple in my wardrobe and has no signs of wearing out yet).